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With the right connections there’s no end to our property sources

You just tell us where you need your staff to stay, for how long and for how many, and we will provide you with an Elite or Essential serviced apartment convenient for your new project location in a very short turn-around time.
How do we manage it? We own or lease long-term a wealth of properties in Yarm, Middlesbrough and Hartlepool Marina. But unexpected or large volume demands can exhaust even these resources.


We can always find more for you. With a property development background ourselves, we belong to a wide network of developers.
We contract your required number of properties from these partners, then we add all of the high-end furnishings, entertainment systems, technology, fittings and appliances and manage the accommodation for you on a weekly basis.
Our connections stretch well beyond our home territory. If your project does, too, you can still rely on ESA to scale up and deliver.