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Stay Longer, Work Better, Pay Less

Hotels are no longer the default option. Project team members can get weary of being confined to the same room and same menu over a month or two… or twelve. The business case for preferring an ESA apartments is powerful. With the freedom to work, relax, cook, entertain, have a meeting or have the family to visit, personnel are happier. And as every good manager knows, happy people are more productive.

For staff a serviced apartment from ESA is the superior solution working away. We offer a complete designer furnished apartment with spacious living room with W-Fi and Sky TV, one or two bedrooms plus bathrooms and fully fitted and equipped kitchen. This includes weekly housekeeping and/or fresh linen and towel change.

For the company managing a project becomes easier and more cost-efficient. When there’s a fixed budget for accommodation, ESA gives organisers the added flexibility of matching the type of apartment to the residents’ role. Elite provides executive quality for those directing the work. Essential gives those carrying it out on-site with a comfortable base – but at less cost. As we charge per apartment per night rather than per person, further savings become feasible through sharing.


Working in partnership

Companies bring in specialists from around the world to work on projects in North East England. Organising their accommodation is a challenge for whoever is responsible – Managers’, PAs, Travel Departments, Human Resources, Project Managers and individual travellers. Our commitment is to work in partnership to mobilise all our resources to deliver a level of service that meets the needs and expectations of both company and apartment residents – from first request to last farewell.

Get directly in touch with ESA’s founder Katrina Rosser. She will mobilise the accommodation side of your project in all aspects. The collaboration with you begins with a simple call telling us: who, when, where and for how long. Such is the depth and scalability of our apartment resources we can respond to requests and arrange refinements including:

  • Housing colleagues in apartments close by to facilitate team working
  • Or housing colleagues away from one another for privacy outside working hours
  • Enabling someone to come back to the same apartment after a period away
  • Selecting the apartment most convenient for the project work site

With you every step of the way

1. Contact As the one responsible for finding accommodation, pick up the phone or send us an email simply saying where you need your staff to stay, when, for how long and for how many people.
2. Action Working with you we will provide you with all the Elite or Essential serviced apartments you require, most convenient for your new project location, in a very short turn-around time.
3. Planning We will provide you with a detailed description and inventory of the apartment, itinerary, timetable, and all the documentation needed to confirm and finalise arrangements, including any special requests such as double occupancy.
4. Arrival Katrina meets and greets the new resident(s), points out the allocated parking, then shows them around the apartment making sure they know how everything works. Naturally they’ll also want to know about the town, travel, shopping and eating places. Katrina supplies the answers before they even ask.

Our Partners

With the right connections there’s no end to our property sources.

You just tell us where you need your staff to stay, for how long and for how many, and we will provide you with an Elite or Essential serviced apartment convenient for your new project location in a very short turn-around time.

How do we manage it? We own or lease long-term a wealth of properties in Yarm, Middlesbrough and Hartlepool Marina. But unexpected or large volume demands can exhaust even these resources.


We can always find more for you. With a property development background ourselves, we belong to a wide network of developers.

We contract your required number of properties from these partners, then we add all of the high-end furnishings, entertainment systems, technology, fittings and appliances and manage the accommodation for you on a weekly basis.

Our connections stretch well beyond our home territory. If your project does, too, you can still rely on ESA to scale up and deliver.


Accommodating the needs of major clients on demanding projects

The economy of the Tees Valley was built on process industries, but it is now diversifying. Agrochemicals, petrochemicals and offshore oil and gas are still important sectors, now being joined by power, renewable energy, advanced manufacturing and engineering, creative industries and academia.

Over the course of nine years, at ESA we have learned to recognise what a company requires as soon as we know its name and its type of project, having successfully accommodated the requirements of many global and national corporations.

Matching accommodation to assignments
In our part of the world projects tend to be of two kinds:

1. Extensive.
The building, commissioning, testing and decommissioning of complex processing plant requires different specialists (in design, engineering, fitting and maintenance, health & safety, training etc.) arriving and leaving at different times.

We know how to phase in the supply of apartments accordingly and match people’s status to type of apartment (Elite and Essential).

2. Intensive
A film crew and cast, an R&D team or group of conference delegates can arrive at short notice requiring multiple apartments for a specific period. Does that strain our resources? Not at all. We’re all ready to mobilise.

We can create a solution by configuring accommodation as a “project apartment” for people who are happy to double up or whose occupants we can switch around. This can save money, since the charge is per apartment not per person.


Ensuring a smooth transition

Sometimes work brings people to settle for a lengthy period or permanently in the Tees Valley. They are going to bring more than a suitcase; they may well bring their family or partner.

Apartments from ESA answer every relocation requirement, either for the whole duration of a contract or whilst the individual finds and moves into a property to buy or lease long-term.

a) For the duration ESA Elite apartments were designed to be permanent homes and we have furnished them as such. As well as two bathrooms, fully fitted kitchens, roomy bedrooms and generous living room, they provide ample storage space and secure parking, with the extra advantage of weekly housekeeping. An academic on a years’ research assignment or a manager on a 12-month secondment could live here in domestic contentment.

b) As a half-way house ESA apartments provide the above facilities to accommodate an individual and family while they take their time finding a permanent residence. Because they can live like locals, they get a genuine taste of what the town offers.

Case Studies

What it’s like to stay the ESA way

Often the best way to understand the advantages of an ESA apartment is to share the experience of companies from outside North East England who have sent project teams here to work on site, or companies in the North East who have brought in experts from around the world.

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