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Case Studies

Often the best way to understand the advantages of an ESA apartment is to share the experience of companies from outside North East England who have sent project teams here to work on site, or companies in the North East who have brought in experts from around the world.

Air Products

Air Products is a world leading industrial gases company headquartered in Pennsylvania. In 2013 it arrived on our doorstep in the person of Robert Piner, Commissioning Manager for an advanced plasma gasification energy-from-waste facility about to be built north of the Tees.

Delighted with the month’s accommodation we provided in Yarm, close to great shopping, tempting eating places and welcoming pubs, he was quickly followed by two key team members who made themselves at home in ESA apartments.

Before the year’s end the number grew to a dozen on 6 or 12 month contracts. During 2014 we added ten more apartments. As one engineer completed an assignment, his place would be taken in the Air Products “village? by another from the USA, Holland, China, Canada – often at short notice, sometimes with family.

To keep this fast-changing scene running smoothly, ESA’s Katrina Rosser met the company’s two project coordinators regularly, and was on hand 24/7 to respond to requests. “Can you find a local school for our two boys for a year?? Naturally. All part of the service.

“The apartments are located in the heart of Yarm, with easy access to local restaurants, pubs and shopping, yet surprisingly secluded, affording privacy and solitude if desired. The apartments are clean and nicely furnished, and all members of staff are professional, cooperative and hospitable.? Robert Piner, Commissioning Manager, Air Products & amp; Chemicals

Tecnicas Reunidas

As soon as the starting signal was given in July 2016 for construction of the world’s largest biomass fuelled power station in Teesport, the Madrid based contractors Tecnicas Reunidas began to mobilise key people.

“Having once spent 10 months in a hotel on an assignment,? says Michelle Hodgkinson, Project Support, “I wanted a better experience for these high level managers. The question was, could suitable serviced apartments be found in time?? She turned to ESA. Katrina Rosser responded by organising apartments close together in Yarm for eight executives from Spain and one from Portugal. The last member of the advance party gave notice of arrival from Pakistan on 29th December. By New Year’s Day he was opening his welcome hamper in Yarm.

“They love it,? says Michelle. “They think the apartments are gorgeous. They feel relaxed. They can cook when they want, bring their wives. It’s like a Spanish community.?

The company’s need is ongoing. As construction advances, more specialists will arrive, all of them living in a lively country town just half an hour’s drive from the industrial site where this innovative, environmentally friendly plant has begun to arise.

“Katrina has been absolutely fabulous, really professional, hard working and friendly. Everyone wants to be here. It’s a home from home.? Michelle Hodgkinson, Project Support

Able UK

When a towering offshore drilling platform docks for major upgrade or refurbishment at Able Seaton Port, Hartlepool, the pressure is on. The rigs belong to global enterprises who bring in specialists to carry out the work to exacting timetables in rigorous conditions.

“When they’re away from site they need an environment where they can relax from the pressures,? says Paul Connally of Able UK, the Port owners. “We want our clients’ people to live a normal life, and that’s exactly what ESA enables them to do - in style. They’d go crazy in a hotel?

Over the past four years, again and again, he’ll inform Katrina Rosser that the project team are being mobilised from America and around the world. Often he can give just one or two weeks’ notice of their arrival. As many as 15 or 16 people may need serviced apartments at any one time. The record so far is 20.

“Katrina is very accessible and responsive; she knows our needs? says Paul. “The apartments are very high quality. And just as important they’re in high quality locations where people can expect peace and quiet. “

That’s what awaits just minutes away at Hartlepool Marina. Two bedroomed apartments can accommodate two people comfortably – and economically, too, since charges are per apartment, not per person. For extra flexibility, ESA can offer Elite apartments for managers and Essential for engineers carrying out the work.

“We want our clients’ people to live a normal life, and that’s exactly what ESA enables them to do - in style. They’d go crazy in a hotel?. Paul Connally, Project Management.